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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how Rialfield provides premier solutions to customers

  • How did Rialfield get started?
    Our President is our Principal Member. By being our key representative on our leadership team, her mission is shared with Rialfield's mission to be premier in service. Her vision was 16 years in the making, and is now actualized into what Rialfield Company is today and how we are fit for a growing future of tomorrow. Rialfield is a startup, with laser focused vision on expansion of transport operations as a part of our Strategic Regional Growth Plans. Be sure to read our Presiden't Message, a 10,000 Foot View to see where we are headed and to find out 5 Stunning Things to Know About Rialfield that help shape who we are. Hemp science, research, and business continue to expand and so do we!
  • Where can I find pricing and service quotes?
    Contact Us! Visitors can add a contact form with ease: Click Contact from the site menu at the top under More Fill out the contact form and submit it Email us a question to That's it! A member of our customer care will get back to you. We can start our relationship there
  • Does Rialfield transport in rural or city areas?
    Both. Rialfield Company is a premier transport service and works with customers in both urban asthetics as well as rural landscapes. Types of security are adjusted based on customer pick-up and end-point locations. Contact us to talk about licensed transport and state compliance.
  • What states does Rialfield operate in?
    According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp can be legally transported in several states and is not illegal. For more info, please visit to read the federal legislation. Currently, Rialfield is licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to transport hemp in the State of Illinois. As a part of our Strategic Regional Growth Plan, we are excited to work on obtaining licensed and insured services in the following states coming the future: - Michigan - Missouri - Indiana - Wisconsin - Tennessee - Georgia - Maryland
  • Can more than one person use Rialfield's secured GPS tracking system?
    Yes! To add an authorized user to the GPS tracking technology used for your Rialfield transport, follow these simple steps: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library
We're on the move, but will get back to you soon. 
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