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“Don't be the same. Be Better!"

—  Life Advice

Our Team / Woman Owned. Plant Guided. People Driven.  Community Connected.  Customer Focused.

Find Out How Rialfield Creates Movement & Momentum For

Premier CannaTransport on every level

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In a growing Hemp marketplace, we at Rialfield remain creative, thinking about our customers, company, and abilities with newness and innovation at the core foundation of all of our work and services. 

Authentic and genuine ,

dependable, responsible, and considerate- the types of partners, companies and organizations we do business with -from grow through final destination. We verify and evaluate from seed to sold who Rialfield transports for that is strategic for our growth and supports our mission of providing premier transport services that accelerate the movement of hemp for our customers.

Rialfield is an American company transporting Hemp. Our growth plan to provide excellent services will strategically evolve to hauling CBD infused products, oils, solids, and solutions made in the U.S.A. This allows us to help showcase excellence in domestic production first, with a throwback to American farming as the spotlight. As we scale, of course we are open to opportunities internationally. Contact us to get special access to our Investor information.  With great customer service,  technology solutions, and relevant truck capacity options, Rialfield is positioned as a premier American company, with premier services. 

Discover what it's like to work with us

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About Rialfield, a premier Cannabis transport company/ Specializing in haulage of Hemp - plants, products, & infused materials from grow to processing and processing to final destination. 

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