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Transport from the Grow - A Starting Connection

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

For every ton of hemp grown, 1.63 tons of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. This is more than trees or other plants of a similar size. Hemp emphasizes the power of regenerative agricultural farming for a better planet.

Once farmers have grown their hemp, the next step is to process the raw material into a variety of products and Rialfield can transport it! We leverage a variety of transport logistics solutions as a part of our premier transit services. Relying on strong partnerships, innovative problem solving techniques, and communication, Rialfield Company provides smart solutions that use technology and data to solve our customer's needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to the safety, security and accurate delivery of all cannagoods for every customer.

It is thanks to hemp’s utility that it is thought to be one of the earliest plants ever to be cultivated, over 10,000 years ago. Since then, many thousands of varieties have been selectively bred to encourage specific features: longer stems for spinning into fibers, a higher seed yield for consumption or oil production, and so on, according to

Rialfield Company's transportation services from farms and grows support U.S. jobs providing U.S. domestic supply for the millions of dollars worth of hemp that does not need to be imported. Rialfield's starting connection to these types of responsible regenerative cannabis farming operations furthers our commitment to providing premier services for premier crop yields and products that can be tested and trusted. They emphasize the benefits of cannabis and holistic healthy living that we too rally around.

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